Amazon Web Services announced the opening of a new office in Costa Rica to provide cloud services   Marvin baquiro. On February 25, Amazon, a multinational company, set up a service center in Costa Rica. The opening of Amazon's Web services is now seen as a support for the country's talent. Photo: Amazon Web services, Inc. (AWS), a division of Amazon, will open an office in Costa Rica to provide cloud computing servicesHigh quality professionals in the role of sales, public sector, marketing and technical engineer © For this new development, the company will build a local team composed of account manager, solution architect, Partner Manager, support staff and other roles, In order to let customers directly participate in the local environment and language of AWS.   also see Fujitsu will employ 60 virtual exhibition personnel for your centerWhen AWS launched its services in Central America, Costa Rica was one of the first organizations to adopt cloud services © Ricard explained hind's statement. The company's current customers in Costa Rica include Banco lafise, Fujitsu and snap finance.   he added that organizations in Costa Rica are now carrying out various AWS cloud activities. From development and test environment to big data analysisTA details the report, from mobile, web and social applications to enterprise applications and key implementation workloads.   "Costa Rica is a key market for AWS in Central America © There, the company has been innovating with AWS and using the cloud to speed time to market and expand its business to reach local and global customers, especially during the epidemic, Ricard saidExternal CIO (Comex), Andre © On the other hand, Valencia stressed that multinational companies attach importance to talents in the country.   "the opening news of Amazon network services headquarters in Costa Rica strongly proves that Costa Rica's human capital is talented, Flexible and well-trained in high demand professional areas of industry 4.0. In addition, there is evidence that our country has an optimal business environment, "he stressed.Jorge Sequeira, Cinde's chief executive, recalled that cloud computing accounted for 54% of Costa Rica's services to the United States, Canada and other countries © Mexico, as well as other Latin American and European countries.

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