य़ 'alkira will cooperate with Microsoft to transition cloud network to azure   Microsoft customers will experience the process of using alkira network cloud   to simplify and safely transition to azure and multi cloud environment Microsoft for startups is a carefully selected group of start-ups by Microsoft that leverage azure in theirCloud tour. The selected start-ups receive a professional growth partnership from Microsoft and are supported by the ecosystem, including access to technology opportunities © Technology, marketing, marketing and leadership( Photo: Business Wire)   the alkira network cloud platform reduces the time, cost and complexity of connecting with azure and other cloud environments, while deploying CArgas runs windows on azure cloud. Microsoft azure customers can access alkira solutions through independent cloud or multi cloud networks and other top-level products © Obtained from azure marketplace.   thanks to the underlying functions of azure, as a secure cloud network infrastructure, alkira CSX is available as a service that dynamically adapts to customer needs and shortens network deployment time."The time, cost and complexity of building a cloud network with end-to-end security and Management visibility are the major challenges hindering digital transformation," said Amir Khan, chief executive and founder of alkira. Our services are designed to help businesses overcome the shortcomings, complexity and long delivery times associated with cloud networks. Alkira network cloud platform accelerates despLiegue simplifies the management of cloud workload and allows customers to freely focus on their business goals. We are happy to pass © "Our goal is to provide these advantages to a growing number of organizations that are looking for transformative solutions in the azure market," commented Jeff Ma, CEO of Microsoft start-upThe stro startup program provides new companies with access to powerful Microsoft resources and helps bring the benefits of interesting new technologies such as alkira's network cloud platform to Microsoft azure customers. Alkira platform provides a set of powerful and flexible functions, which can make full use of azure's powerful functions in deploying cloud networkWhen the network entered the cloud era, alkira's cloud network infrastructure, as a service, provided customers with a secure and simplified way to the Microsoft azure cloud. Microsoft is gradually providing opportunities for companies such as alkira to help azure customers embark on the cloud journey, and we have seen how to create value for all relevant personnel. "  Brad casemore, vice president of network research at IDC DIJ data centerO: "IDC has found that enterprises now have a better understanding of how modern infrastructure supports strategic objectives © The magic of cloud, such as business agility, application experience, robust security. In other words, although enterprise architects want to © Migration from workload to cloud © N make sure the transformation is not implicitWe are committed to control and operations management. Alkira's network cloud platform meets these requirements by helping organizations and their architects coordinate the business advantages of cloud with the requirements of effective control.   through © S de azure marketplace benefits from reduced procurement costs, simplified invoices and faster deployment, as well as GAEnsure Microsoft certification.   alkira has developed the network cloud, enabling companies to build and deploy a unified global cloud network infrastructure as a service (cnaas), providing network connectivity, network and advanced services, as well as end-to-end visibility and governance. Alkira cloud services Exchange (CSX) connects branches, data centers, remote users and the cloud seamlessly and securely. Alcila was founded by chief executive Amir KhanFormer CEOs of R and viptera, as well as atif Khan, CTO, former vice president of integrated solutions and members of viptera's founding team. Alkira raised $76 million from Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Koch disruptive technologies, LLC and GV capital, a former Google venture capital firm.

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