Centurylink, known as the Microsoft azure expert managed services provider, the Microsoft azure expert MSP program provides services for partners who meet a series of strict requirements, including partners from validation testing to excellent customer service and technical specialization. © Technology, and © ·Successfully independently audit the services, employees, processes and technologies managed by the company. Supplier d onlyE-Cloud hosting service obtains unique azure expert MSP with the highest fidelity. "after © Two days © David Shacochis, vice president of product management at centurylink, commented: "with our experience in providing customers with it solutions related to Microsoft technology, we can now take full advantage of our recent Microsoft azure expert MSP certification.". This achievement verifies centur's cloud strategyYlink, including connecting the workload with the right cloud, the right network and the right value-added services, enables enterprise customers to focus their resources on pleasing customers. " before obtaining certification, Microsoft has conducted rigorous audits to confirm that centurylink meets or exceeds some requirements, such as optimizing operations and providing lifetime value to client"Partners play a central role in Microsoft's development, supporting the company's digital transformation projects," said gavriella Schuster, Microsoft's vice president and a business partner (OCP). Our customers are increasingly demanding the skills and expertise they want to gain from our partner ecosystem. That's why we set up a special certification systemIn this case, it's about Microsoft azure specialization. We're happy with century link © Committed to our customers and contributing to the strong growth of azure innovation projects. " centurylink gained this position through its cloud application manager service, a cloud management platform that helps customers gain visibility, Consistency and control of cloud implementation from network to application layer. This is pThe award-winning lataforma enables enterprises to automate application implementation, optimize costs, scale workloads, and manage cross platform applications © Centurylink also offers a variety of secure network connectivity options. Centurylink's cloud Connectivity Solution portfolio is designed to provide secure, high-performance and enterprise class network connectivity, as well as a wide range of connectivity optionsDynamic tier 1, 2 and 3, providing a reliable, low latency and highly responsive experience for cloud applications. Cloud connect and azure expressroute provide enterprises with a secure and high-performance network, enabling them to seamlessly run it environment between enterprise network and private infrastructure, third-party companies or data centers, and azure cloud platform. centurylink (NYSE: CTL) is the second largest networkProvides us communications services to global corporate customers. With customers in more than 60 countries, centurylink focuses on customer experience and is committed to becoming the best Internet company in the world to meet customers' growing demand for reliable and secure connections. In addition, as a trusted partner for customers, the company helps them manage increasingly complex networks and it, and provides solutionsShe's a network and cyber security manager, helping them protect their business.

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